Giclee Photo Printing

Using the latest inkjet technology we can print your digital files, photographs as big as A0 (841x1189mm) size. Using the new K3 UltraChrome Inks, your images will last a lifetime.  This technology is superb for black and white and colour photography.  We have a wide range of photo media avaliable to suit all requirements.

Turnarorund time: 2 working days.*

Photo Paper

Media  A4 A3 A2 A1 A0
Olmec Photo Satin $9.89 $13.96 $27.92 $37.27 $65.23
Epson Premium Lustre $15.44 $21.80 $43.60 $58.21 $101.86
Epson Premium Gloss $15.44 $21.80 $43.60 $58.21 $101.86
Epson Exhibition Fibre $38.41 $54.22 $108.45 N/A N/A


Olmec Photo Satin 260gsm - Satin papers are favored by artists for those images that need a softer touch in the finished print, and this is a go-to for many photographers.  With exceptional tonal range reproduction it is perfectly able to reproduce those subtle shades in your image.

Epson Premium Luster 260gsm - This super-high quality media is designed for professional photography and digital printmaking, producing high resolution prints with accurate colour.  This paper features a premium luster finish that is particularly suited to wedding, portrait and school photography work.

Epson Premium Gloss 250gsm - A quality media that has been optimised for high resolution reproduction with accurate colour.  It has a resin-coated base that holds a large amount of ink to enable vivid and intense images.  It features a full-gloss finish that is suited to presentation style photo work.

Epson Exhibition Fibre 325gsm - Replicating the appearance and fee of traditional F-surface darkroom paper.  Epson Exhibition Fibre Paper aims to provide users with a beautiful soft gloss finish for the digital prints.

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*Our standard turnaround is 2 working days.  File preparation or larger quantities may take longer.  Faster turnaround may be avaliable on request however additional surchages do apply.

Trade and Volume Pricing

We offer competitive trade and volume pricing for artists, illustrators and photographers.  Simply contact us for more information and pricing.