Picture Hanging Tips & Accesories

Eye Level

 A general guidline is to hang the center point of the picture or grouping of picture at eye level.  Some pictures are primarily viewed while standing, such as in a kitchen or hallway.  Other artwork is viewed while sitting, such as in a family room.  Hang pictures according to "sitting" or "standing" eye level.

Avoid Sunlight

Even with UV protective glass, artwork can fade over time when exposed to large amounts of light.  New Zealand is well known for it's strong UV rays.  Avoid direct sunlight in all possible cases.

Avoid Heat

Heat can also put your artwork at risk of damage.  Avoid hanging artwork directly over sources of heat such as a vent, or fireplace.  Over time, pictures can begin to buckle or ripple inside of the frame when exposed to extreme temperature changes.

Picture Framing Hooks

Use a Template

Consider make a newspaper template of your framed art.  Tape it to the wall where you think it will look best, and take a step back.  It is a lot easier to reposition newspaper than it is to rehang a pricture.  This is especially useful when deciding on how to arrange a grouping of pictures.

Use the Right Hanging Components

Papakura Picture Framers has a wide range of Picture Hooks, Wallbuddies, and Hangman products, all suitable for small frames through to large heavy mirrors.

For advice on using the right products talk to the professionals.